General podiatry care
Something we pride ourselves in providing, general podiatry care involves the complete clean up of any calluses, nails, corns and cracks on the skin.
Domiciliary visits
We provide home visits, aged care visits and hospital visits within the vicinity of the clinic, please contact our friendly staff to see if you qualify.
Diabetes screening
Yearly checkups are highly recommended for any patients suffering with diabetes. We monitor, assess and maintain the health of your feet and educate you on how to better look after them to prevent the chances of ulceration, infection and amputation.
Ingrown toenails
painful issues for people that suffer ingrown toenails. They cause infection, pain and can never seem to get resolved. We specialise in the treatment and management of ongoing chronic ingrown nails but to solve your pain we provide surgical toenail removal to rid of your pesky painful problem forever!
Orthotics, gait and posture assessment
No matter if its your first pair, your second or you just want to refresh your current orthotics we can solve your problems for you. We undergo a full biomechanical assessment to determine the type of orthosis you require and make them specialised to your needs. We also stock a range of off the shelf insoles at a more affordable price range.
Childrens feet
As kids age, their leg and feet also grow with them. Certain structual changes are normal but in some cases severe foot issues need to be identified early. If your child has been complaining of pain in the knee and feet or you notice abnormal changes in the way they walk and run, this should be assessed by a podiatrist.
Compression stockings
swollen and sore legs at the end of a long day? Early variose veins becoming unsightly? Compression stockings are not just for the aged, they are a simple and useful change in the lower limb which will provide you with the reliefe in pain that you are looking for. We will measure, order and fit you with the correct sized stockings to make you feel lighter on your feet.